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Umbrella Moss #1 (Hypopterygium filiculaeforme )

Umbrella Moss #1 (Hypopterygium filiculaeforme )

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A beautiful mixed selection of lush green live moss, perfect for terrariums. Sustainably harvested and cultivated on our private property on the West Coast. 

Hypopterygium filiculaeforme or the Umbrella moss is a moss characterized by erect branches that bear large, umbrella-shaped, and flat fronds, reaching up to 6 cm in diameter. The primary and secondary branches are robust, supporting a dense carpet-like foliage of overlapping leaves. Each secondary branch features two rows of large lateral leaves and a third row of smaller under-leaves. This endemic moss is widespread in New Zealand, thriving in damp, sheltered forests, and along streams.

- Container Size: 16x12x 4cm.
- Moss may contain some leaves or twigs from the collection environment.
- Moss colors and sizes may vary from photos due to fluctuations in weather conditions.

Care Tips for Your Live Terrarium Moss:
1. Light: Moss thrives in indirect sunlight or dappled light. Place your terrarium in a location where it can enjoy gentle, filtered sunlight.
2. Water: Mist your moss lightly with a spray bottle when the top layer begins to dry out. Ensure the moss remains consistently moist but not waterlogged.
3. Humidity: Moss adores a humid environment. To maintain the ideal humidity level, consider using a terrarium with a lid or cover.
4. Ventilation: While moss thrives in a closed environment, it's essential to provide occasional ventilation. Crack open the lid for a short time to prevent mold growth and maintain freshness.
5. Pruning: Trim any overgrown or browning patches to encourage healthy growth and maintain the moss's appearance.
6. Cleanliness: Keep your terrarium clean by removing any debris or fallen leaves, allowing your moss to shine.

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