Welcome to my store, where art and nature intertwine!


Handcrafted earrings and accessories using recycled native wood sourced locally, as well as carefully selected exotic timbers from around the world. We meticulously design, adapt, laser cut, and hand paint each piece, infusing them with unique charm and eco-friendly goodness. Our commitment to sustainability shines as we use 100% solid, recycled wood for our distinctive pieces. Additionally, we feature beautiful, lush moss varieties sustainably sourced from our private property and terrarium accessories.

All proudly made on the West Coast of New Zealand!

Featured Products

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Terrarium Moss

Transform Your Space into a Lush Paradise with Terrarium Moss Oasis.

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Hand-Painted Dangle Earrings

Embrace the Beauty of Nature with Our Collection of Dangle Style Earrings.

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Hand-Painted Stud Earrings

Find the Perfect Pair: Explore Our Nature-Inspired Stud Earring Collection

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Natural Dangle Earrings

Discover the Beauty of Native and Exotic Woods with our Stunning Earring Collection.

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Hand-Painted Keychains

Capture the Magic of New Zealand's Natural Wonders in Exquisite Hand Painted Keychains.

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Hand-Painted Magnets

Uncover the Delicate Craftsmanship Behind our One-of-a-Kind Hand-Painted Magnets

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