About me

Welcome to my store!

Hi I am Meena. Growing up on my parents’ small farm in Thailand, my love for nature, exploration, and animals blossomed. Each morning, my sister and I would paddle in the pond, collecting duck eggs for our mum to sell in the neighborhood. Weekends were filled with biking through the bush and climbing trees, guided by our adventurous spirits. My grandmother became my mentor, teaching me how to identify mushrooms and how to spot and avoid snakes, bees, and wasps. And my dad? He taught me the art of caring for animals and planting trees.

Sadly, urbanization struck our town, resulting in the loss of precious wildlife and the transformation of our once vibrant bush area.

However, in New Zealand, I’m fortunate to reside in rural areas that mirror the nature-filled paradise of my childhood. Nature is just a few steps away, allowing me to recapture the joy I experienced as a child. The feeling of escape, the fresh air, and the melodic bird songs are simply incredible. They fuel my inspiration and find their way into my art.

Living here has become a wellspring of inspiration for my artwork. I am fortunate to create earrings that pay homage to the mesmerizing birds and awe-inspiring nature of New Zealand. Every piece carries a story, a connection to the ethereal beauty that surrounds us. As I craft these earrings, I strive to capture the essence of our feathered friends and the serenity of the natural world.

Join me on this artistic journey where I blend my childhood memories with the captivating charm of New Zealand.