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Threaded moss (Bryum argenteum)

Threaded moss (Bryum argenteum)

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A beautiful mixed selection of lush green live moss, perfect for terrariums. Sustainably harvested and cultivated on our private property on the West Coast. 

Silvery thread moss is a common urban moss. When dry, its leaves turn silvery-green or whitish-green due to the lack of chlorophyll at the tips. This moss is highly drought and pollution-tolerant. It is perfect for terrariums due to its resilience and attractive appearance, adding visual interest to any setup. Silvergreen bryum moss can flourish in areas that are moderately bathed by the sun. However, it has shown resilience to both strong sunlight and heavily shaded areas. Overexposure and scant light can affect the moss's health, yet moderately sunlit environments are ideal for its development. Originally, it thrived in habitats with varying light conditions.

Container size: 16x12x4 cm. The moss may contain leaves, twigs, debris, or pests from its natural environment. It is advisable to soak the moss in water before use. Colours and sizes may vary due to natural conditions. The last four photos are examples only and not for sale.

Moss doesn't have roots and absorbs water directly from the air. It thrives in shady areas with acidic soil and requires consistent moisture without waterlogging. Place moss in indirect sunlight and mist lightly with dechlorinated or rainwater to keep it moist. For terrariums, use a covered container to maintain humidity and provide occasional ventilation. Trim brown or dead parts to encourage new growth and keep your terrarium clean.

To store moss: Use a clear-lidded container with a bottom layer of damp sphagnum moss moistened with dechlorinated or rainwater. Arrange the moss evenly on top, spritzing as needed to maintain moisture. Keep the container in bright, indirect sunlight, opening the lid occasionally for ventilation and misting if it starts to dry out.

To clean moss for a terrarium: Remove weeds, twigs, and debris, and trim any excess bits. Submerge the moss in dechlorinated or rainwater for 5-10 minutes to hydrate and remove pests and dirt, then gently squeeze out excess water.

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