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Terrarium Substrate, Ready to use 1 Liter

Terrarium Substrate, Ready to use 1 Liter

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Our specially formulated terrarium soil mix, ready to use, is designed to foster healthy and robust plant growth in your terrarium environment. Here are the key benefits that make our soil mix the perfect choice.

- Moisture Retention: Our mix holds moisture effectively, ensuring your plants stay well-hydrated.
- Compression Resistance: Maintains fluffiness to allow roots to grow through easily, facilitating oxygenation for root development.
- Nutrient Rich: Packed with essential nutrients to promote optimal plant growth.
- Excellent Drainage: Designed to prevent water buildup, our soil mix keeps roots healthy and thriving.
- Natural Ingredients: Made with high-quality components like Coco Coir, Sphagnum Moss, Orchid Bark, Activated Biochar, and Worm Castings.
- Convenient Packaging: Comes in a handy 1 Litter bag. 

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Easy Setup: If the substrate is dry, mist it with water until it's moist but not soggy. Then, layer it on top of the drainage layers, using mesh or a layer of sphagnum moss to prevent the substrate from mixing with the drainage layers. Now, your terrarium is perfectly prepared for adding plants and moss!

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