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Terrarium Plants Cutting Pack

Terrarium Plants Cutting Pack

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Terrarium Plants Cutting Pack: Best Terrarium Plants for Beginners!

This listing features fresh cuttings, currently sitting in sphagnum moss.

Plants Included:

3x Fittonia (nerve plant) in three different colors
3x strands of String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata)
1x Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)

Plants will be sent in a container box with sphagnum moss. Shipping is available on Monday and Tuesday only. Container size: 16x12x4 cm. The last four photos are examples only and not for sale.

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Nerve plant (Fittonia) is an excellent plant for a closed terrarium. Bearing colourful and patterned foliage in a variety of shades, it fits in with many planting schemes and wider colour-coordinated displays. Nerve plant is easy to care for, compact and slow growing, and thrives in a humid environment with low light levels. This makes it one of the very best plants for a closed terrarium.

The Peperomia genus is huge and nearly all species thrive in humid conditions in indirect light, making them perfect for beginner terrarium growers.

Creeping fig is a delightful creeping plant with fresh green, heart-shaped leaves that will quickly act as ground cover in your terrarium before starting to climb – you may find it creeping up the sides of your terrarium glass. Creeping fig thrives in high humidity and is usually better off in a closed terrarium than grown as a regular house plant. It doesn't need direct sunlight but it does need more light than other terrarium plants, and can become leggy in low light.

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