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DIY Starter Magical Moss Terrarium Kit

DIY Starter Magical Moss Terrarium Kit

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Craft your own enchanted moss garden with our all-inclusive kit, including 2 cups each of clay balls, sphagnum moss, and terrarium substrate, along with three varieties of living moss (Cushion moss, Milk moss, and Fern moss), one piece of random driftwood, and one random color of resin luminous mushroom ; glass jar not included.

Note: The last three photos are examples only and not for sale. The moss may contain leaves, twigs, debris, or pests from its natural environment. It's advisable to soak the moss in water before use; colors and sizes may vary.

What's Included in the Kit:
-Clay balls 
-Sphagnum moss 
-Terrarium substrate 
-Moss and decorations
-Full instruction guide 
Here's what you'll need to get started:
-Glass jar
-Tools (e.g., tweezers and scissors)
-Spray bottle of water

1.Clean the glass jar with warm soapy water and let it dry.
2. Prepare moss by removing debris, soaking in water, and squeezing out excess.
3. Create a 1-inch layer of Clay balls for drainage.
4. Add a layer of sphagnum moss on top to prevent the substrate from mixing with the drainage layer.
5. Add terrarium substrate and lightly spray with water.
6. Plant moss and arrange decorations using tweezers.
7. Lightly spray terrarium and clean the glass.
8. Close the terrarium with a lid or plastic wrap and place in bright, indirect sunlight.

Maintenance Tips:
Your closed terrarium won't need frequent watering. If you see condensation on the inside walls, the moisture level is just right. However, if the walls are completely fogged up, open the lid for a bit to let some water evaporate. Lightly spray if the moss and soil look dry.

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