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Living Terrarium Moss (8 Mixed Varieties)

Living Terrarium Moss (8 Mixed Varieties)

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Terrarium Set, a mix of 8 live moss varieties, perfect for starting your terrarium journey! Discover our stunning selection of lush green live moss, sustainably harvested on our West Coast property. This listing includes one container of live moss: Cushion moss, Milk Moss, 3x Umbrella Moss, Reindeer Moss, Fern moss and Sphagnum Moss. 

Photos 4 and 5 show a 23cm terrarium I made using moss from this set, with added fern, plant, rock, and wood. It is not for sale (photos 4,5 and 6)

To complete your terrarium, you'll need a clear jar, pebbles or clay balls for drainage, and terrarium substrate; check my other listings for more products.

Container size: 16x12x4cm; The moss may contain leaves, twigs, debris, or pests from its natural environment. It's advisable to soak the moss in water before use; colors and sizes may vary due to weather fluctuations.

Moss are generally low-maintenance, requiring consistent moisture without becoming waterlogged. It's essential to find the right balance - moss can enter a dormant state and lose its green hue when dried, but once rehydrated, it can spring back to life and begin growing anew. Aim for indirect sunlight to keep them content. With our diverse selection of 8 mixed moss, you can experiment and discover which variety best complements your terrarium's environment.

To store moss, use a clear-lidded container. Layer the bottom with clean sphagnum moss, lightly moisten it with dechlorinated or rainwater until damp but not soggy. Arrange the moss evenly on top, spritzing with water as needed to maintain moisture. Keep the container in bright, indirect sunlight, opening the lid occasionally for ventilation and spraying the moss if it starts to dry out.

To clean moss for terrarium use, start by preparing it, removing weeds, twigs, and debris, and trimming any excess bits. Submerge the moss in dechlorinated or rainwater in a tub for 5-10 minutes to hydrate and remove pests and dirt. Finally, gently squeeze out excess water to ensure cleanliness and readiness for your terrarium.

Care for your live terrarium moss by placing it in indirect sunlight, misting lightly when dry, using a covered terrarium for humidity, providing occasional ventilation, trimming as needed, and keeping the terrarium debris-free.

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