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Leca – Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles (Drainage Layer for Terrariums) - 1 Litter

Leca – Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles (Drainage Layer for Terrariums) - 1 Litter

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Introducing Leca, the ultimate lightweight drainage solution that revolutionizes the way you care for your terrarium plants and protect your glassware. These clay balls are low in density yet high in strength and absorbency, making them the perfect base for your terrarium setup. The last three photos are examples only and not for sale.

Here's why Leca excels as a terrarium drainage layer:
- Lightweight: It's lighter than traditional rocks, reducing the risk of glass damage.
- Eco-friendly: Made from clay, it's safe for plants and the environment.
- Durable: Provides long-lasting support for plants and terrariums.
- Reusable: Never expires, allowing multiple uses.
- Pest resistant: Soil-free, preventing infestations like fungus gnats.

Creating a Leca drainage layer is simple:
- Begin by giving your Leca a thorough rinse to remove any dust particles, ensuring a clean and clear terrarium environment.
- Layer your terrarium with a one-inch thickness of Leca, adjusting the amount for larger setups as needed.
- Shield your Leca layer with a mesh barrier to prevent the substrate from mixing with the drainage layer.
-  Complete your terrarium assembly by adding the terrarium substrate, followed by moss and plants, to create a flourishing ecosystem within your glass enclosure.

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