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Live Green Sphagnum Moss Tips (Sphagnum cristatum)

Live Green Sphagnum Moss Tips (Sphagnum cristatum)

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Live Green West Coast Sphagnum Moss Tips. Experience the freshness of our hand-picked live green West Coast sphagnum moss tips. Sustainably harvested from a private swamp, this high-quality moss ensures constant regeneration.

Grow Your Own Sphagnum Moss: Green moss tips can grow and propagate when their environmental needs are met. The green tips of mosses represent the actively growing parts where reproduction takes place, leading to the formation of new generations of moss. Though their growth rate is slow compared to other plants, proper care and patience can maintain and enhance their lushness over time. To grow Sphagnum moss, place live moss pieces on the surface of a shallow pot or tray. Keep the pot in a water tray, or maintain the water level just below the moss in the tray.

Care Tips:
- Watering: Keep consistently moist, avoid waterlogging. Mist regularly or use a shallow water tray.
- Lighting: Bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent drying.
- Temperature: Thrives in cooler temperatures (18°C to 24°C).
- Air Circulation: Ensure proper airflow to prevent mold.

How to Use:
- Terrariums: Add moisture-loving live moss for thriving plants.
- Indoor Gardens: Bring a natural touch to your indoor plant setups.
- Vertical Gardens: Craft stunning moss walls or frames for indoors.
- Bonsai and Orchids: Enhance displays with moisture-retentive moss.
- Propagation: Aid root development in cuttings with moss tips.
- Plant Décor: Create unique plant decorations and displays.

- Container Size: 22x14x5 cm..
- Moss may contain some leaves or twigs from the collection environment.
- Moss colors and sizes may vary from photos due to fluctuations in weather conditions.

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