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Moss Terrarium Starter Kit: 7 Mixed Varieties

Moss Terrarium Starter Kit: 7 Mixed Varieties

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Introducing our Terrarium Starter Set, featuring a mix of 7 live moss varieties - an ideal beginning for your terrarium journey! When selecting moss for beginners, it's crucial to consider your terrarium's unique conditions. Each moss type has its preferences, with some, like Cushion moss, thriving in moist environments but is relatively more resilient to drought compared to other moss varieties. Umbrella moss, for example, loves wet spots.

Mosses are generally low-maintenance, requiring consistent moisture without becoming waterlogged. It's essential to find the right balance - moss can enter a dormant state and lose its green hue when dried, but once rehydrated, it can spring back to life and begin growing anew. Aim for indirect sunlight to keep them content. With our diverse selection of 7 mixed mosses, you can experiment and discover which variety best complements your terrarium's environment.

- Container Size: 16x12x 4cm.
- Moss may contain some leaves or twigs from the collection environment.
- Moss colors and sizes may vary from photos due to fluctuations in weather conditions.

Care Tips for Your Live Terrarium Moss:
1. Light: Moss thrives in indirect sunlight or dappled light. Place your terrarium in a location where it can enjoy gentle, filtered sunlight.
2. Water: Mist your moss lightly with a spray bottle when the top layer begins to dry out. Ensure the moss remains consistently moist but not waterlogged.
3. Humidity: Moss adores a humid environment. To maintain the ideal humidity level, consider using a terrarium with a lid or cover.
4. Ventilation: While moss thrives in a closed environment, it's essential to provide occasional ventilation. Crack open the lid for a short time to prevent mold growth and maintain freshness.
5. Pruning: Trim any overgrown or browning patches to encourage healthy growth and maintain the moss's appearance.
6. Cleanliness: Keep your terrarium clean by removing any debris or fallen leaves, allowing your moss to shine.

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