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60 Kōwhai seeds (Sophora Microphylla)

60 Kōwhai seeds (Sophora Microphylla)

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Collected April 2024

The Kōwhai is a native New Zealand tree often featuring one or more trunks and is widely considered the nation's unofficial flower. Among its varieties, Sophora Microphylla is notable for its small leaves and tangled juvenile form, straightening and developing an upright trunk around four years old. This species blooms with showy yellow flowers in early spring. The flowers contain a large amount of nectar, making them very popular with native birds, particularly Tui and Bellbird. Native pigeons eat Kōwhai leaves. 

Kōwhai trees are frost-hardy and moderately tolerant of wind and drought. However, they do not thrive in hard or waterlogged soils and perform best in moderately fertile sites. Although Kōwhai are generally hardy and self-sustaining as they mature, seedlings must be protected from animal and plant pests. Grow them under protected conditions for two years, then plant them in their permanent positions in early summer of their third year. Kōwhai trees can grow up to 10 meters tall with a diameter of about 60 cm.

Kōwhai seeds have a hard external skin that prevents moisture from entering. To break dormancy, slightly nick or chip one end of the seed using a nail clipper, knife, or needle, and then soak it overnight. Seeds that swell or sink to the bottom of the container are ready to sow. Sow the seeds on a firm bed of seed-raising mix and cover them lightly. Treated seeds typically germinate within seven to fourteen days. Transplant seedlings into larger pots when they reach 15 cm or more. During the summer months, ensure they receive plenty of water regularly. Additionally, you can feed them with seaweed tonic regularly or plant them with some manure at the bottom of the pot to provide ample nutrients

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