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60 Kahikatea seeds (NZ's Tallest Native Tree)

60 Kahikatea seeds (NZ's Tallest Native Tree)

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60 Kahikatea seeds! (collected April 2024)

Easy to propagate, simply sow them directly onto a firm bed of seed raising mix, lightly cover, and keep them moist. Within two to four months, you'll see seedlings sprouting, depending on the temperature.
These seeds are beginner-friendly and best sown when fresh. Their striking black seeds rest atop vibrant orange or orange-scarlet fleshy receptacles (arils), typically ripening from March to May. Although germination takes 2-4 months, the process is straightforward. However, be mindful that young seedlings are susceptible to damping off.
These seeds store reasonably well.

The Kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacrydioides) stands as New Zealand's tallest forest tree, a true native forest giant, and the oldest podocarp in New Zealand. It's a relic from the Jurassic period, existing before flowering plants or birds. Once widespread across New Zealand's lowland, wetland, and river-flat areas, Kahikatea are now less common in the North Island due to historical logging and wetland clearing. The highest concentration is found on the West Coast, South Island.

Kahikatea have separate male and female trees. The fleshy cones generally have one seed and turn orange when they ripen in autumn.
The fruit of Kahikatea is favored by Kereru and Tui.
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