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1 Kg. Fresh West Coast Sphagnum Moss (Ready to use)

1 Kg. Fresh West Coast Sphagnum Moss (Ready to use)

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Freshly Hand-Picked Live West Coast Sphagnum Moss. Sustainably harvested from a private swamp. Each packet contains a mix of moss strands, ranging from 100mm to 450mm in length, featuring beautiful light browns, creams, and light green colors with green tips.
Our ready-to-use moss is ideal for propagation straight out of the bag.

Care Tips:
- Watering: Maintain consistent moisture without waterlogging. Mist regularly or use a shallow water tray for optimal hydration.
- Lighting: Place the moss in bright, indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight to prevent drying.
- Temperature: Keep the moss in cooler temperatures, ideally between 18°C to 24°C
- Air Circulation: Ensure good airflow to prevent mold growth and maintain its freshness.

Sphagnum moss, like other living organisms, has the ability to continue growing and propagating as long as its environmental needs are met. However, its growth rate is relatively slow compared to many other plants. With proper care and patience, you can cultivate and nurture its lushness over time.

Uses of Live Sphagnum Moss:
- Terrariums: Create lush, miniature landscapes with its moisture-retaining properties.
- Moss Poles: Ideal for supporting climbing plants like Pothos, Monstera, or Philodendron.
- Orchid Care: Promotes healthy root growth and proper moisture retention.
- Plant Propagation: Encourage root development in cuttings.
- Decoration: Use in arrangements, wreaths, and displays for a touch of nature.
- Soil Amendment: Improve moisture retention and aeration in potting soil.

Packaging and Receiving:
Gently pressed for shipping, open promptly upon receipt and let fresh air inside to maintain its vibrancy.

- The moss may contain leaves, twigs, debris, or pests from its natural environment. It's advisable to soak the moss in water before use.
- The moss weighs 1 kg when freshly collected (wet weight), but the actual quantity may vary due to weather and seasonal factors.

For larger quantities or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at

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