‘The Magic of Lake Matheson’ Nature's reflections inspire earrings collection.

‘The Magic of Lake Matheson’ Nature's reflections inspire earrings collection.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Lake Matheson, a jewel of South Westland, New Zealand, known as Te Ara Kairaumati in Māori.

This glacial lake holds deep cultural significance as a traditional food-gathering spot for Māori travelers journeying along the coast to seek Pounamu. At this serene location, they would pause to catch longfin eels or waterbirds. 

Formed over 14,000 years ago, Lake Matheson offers a breathtaking display of reflections, with tranquil waters mirroring the majestic peaks of Aoraki (Mount Cook) and Mount Tasman.

Its mirrored beauty has made it one of New Zealand's most photographed lakes, and its easy walking track provides a mesmerizing journey through its natural wonders.

As you explore the track, you'll be surrounded by a majestic native podocarp forest, adorned with Hall's tōtara, southern rātā, kāmahi and rimu trees.

The diverse flora, including miro, broadleaf, kahikatea, and mountain horopito, adds to the allure of this serene destination.

Within the lake, the rare aquatic plant, stout water milfoil, enhances the ecological diversity, while wetland borders flourish with flax and spike sedge.

Lake Matheson is also a haven for birdlife, with fernbirds (mātātā) gracing the wetlands and the endangered Ōkārito brown kiwi (rowi).

Inspired by the captivating reflections of Lake Matheson, we have curated an earrings collection that captures the essence of its natural beauty.

Our designs connect you to the heart of New Zealand's wilderness and the rich cultural heritage.


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