Blue Mushrooms, Kōkako Birds, and Nature's Beauty

Blue Mushrooms, Kōkako Birds, and Nature's Beauty

Yesterday, I embarked on a delightful walk with my dog along our favorite track, the Arnold Dam Walk. To my delight, I spotted these exquisite mushrooms starting to pop up along the trail. Check out the photos I captured during our adventure yesterday!

Introducing the stunning native mushroom of New Zealand, Entoloma hochstetteri, affectionately known as the blue pinkgill or sky-blue mushroom. This captivating fungus earned its place as our national fungus in 2018 and is even featured on the reverse side of New Zealand's $50 note, alongside the endangered Kōkako bird. Known to the Māori as Werewere-kōkako, legend has it that the kōkako bird obtained its distinctive blue wattle by brushing against this very mushroom during a hurried dash through the bush.

Entoloma hochstetteri boasts a striking all-blue coloration, with gills that exhibit a subtle reddish hue due to the spores. This captivating appearance is attributed to three azulene pigments found within the mushroom. While the mushroom's toxicity remains uncertain, its beauty and cultural significance endure, making it a beloved symbol of New Zealand's unique natural heritage.

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